Water Well Drilling Equipment

How much will it cost to get started drilling a water well by hand?

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Costs Of Water Well Drilling Equipment


What water well drilling equipment you need will depend on the depth of well you'll be digging and your soil type.

If you're digging in soft or sandy soil, you can use a simple auger system with or without a gas engine. An auger system looks like a posthole digger but has a shaft that's a lot longer. If you use a powered auger, you may have to mount it on the back of a truck, as one of these will generate a lot of torque as it drills. Or you could choose a portable two-man auger, which eliminates the need to mount the auger on a truck.

A gas-powered Earthquake brand Powerhead (available at Home Depot) costs about $230, plus $109 for the auger bit. Each 18' extension is $57. How many of these you'll need will depend on how deep you end up having to drill.

A manual ager is just that - an auger you turn by hand. It's not very hard to use but can be used to drill only shallow wells. . This type of system usually consists of a bit, a handle for turning the auger and lengths of pipe that you add as you drill deeper. You can generally buy one of these for less than $10, plus the cost of the extensions you'll need.

If you'll be drilling in very sandy soil, you may also need casing to keep the sides of the well from caving in as you drill.

You will need more of a cutting bit if you'll be drilling into rocky soil or if you hit bedrock.

If you will be drilling deep, you will need to move up to a commercial-grade system. One example of this type of system is Premier Earth Augers. These augers are hydraulic attachments that can be used with excavators, forklifts, boom cranes, telescopic handlers, integrated tool carriers, digger derricks, and others. If you need one of these augers, the best alternative is probably to rent it. Drill a well for less than $200

If you're on a shallow water table level (20' or less), you can build your own drill out of PVC pipe and a few accessories. The drill bit is a piece of PVC that has teeth or serrations cut into one end. These teeth dig into the soil and grind it up into small cuttings that are washed to the surface. You can cut the teeth or serrations with a hacksaw, file or bench grinder. Next, you will need a drill head. This can also be made from PVC pipe (for detailed instructions on making your own drillhead, see http://www.drillyourownwell.com/drillbit.htm.

NOTE: If you'd rather not build your wellhead from scratch, there is a product called the Brady T Pack that's available at most home warehouse stores such as Home Depot and Lowe's.

In addition to the drill and drill head, you will need two water hoses (they connect to the drillhead), an auger handle and an appropriate amount of 2" PVC piping. You drill the well manually, which consists of rotating the auger handle and back forth. The water from the two hoses actually does the drilling for you by flushing the soil back up on the outside of the PVC piping.

The Ready-to-Drill kit

Another way to drill a water well in your backyard is with the Ready-to-Drill Kit. The way it works is that a small, powerful air-powered drill is attached to the end of a length of pipe. The drill turns a specially designed drill bit, which cuts the hole. The cool part of this kit is that the exhaust from the air tool is ejected up the backside of the drill and up the pipe. This creates a vacuum that sucks water into the pipe. The water is then blown up the pipe and out onto the ground, which in turn, creates a new vacuum, which sucks in water, which gets pumped out - and viola! This creates a pumping system that removes tailings from the well.

The manufacturers of the system say that the pipe never twists, only the bit at the very end of the pipe. The system is simple and there are so few parts, it is very inexpensive when compared to other home well drilling systems. In addition, the manufacturer says that you can drill to 100 feet or even further so that when you use this kit, you are not limited to digging just a shallow well.

This is a small summary of what water well drilling equipment you will need to start digging your own water well by hand.




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