How To Drill A Water Well

Want to drill your own water well by hand? We compare the costs and benefits of buying your own drilling rig versus hiring a contractor

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How To Drill A Water Well


Save Money And Enjoy Better Tasting Water With Your Own Well

Drill your own water well?

That's an idea that maybe hasn't ever occurred to you.

Can you drill your own water well? How much would it cost? What's required to drill a water well?

These are all important questions that will be answered in this report. In addition, this report addresses issues including what you need to drill your well, how to drill a well by hand, drilling the well yourself vs. having it drilled and whether you should rent or buy water drilling equipment.

This report also covers water well pumps, how to get water into your home, water well filters and "water well drilling for fun and profit" or making money by drilling wells for others.



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Factors to consider before drilling a well


Before you dive too far into this report, there are a couple of things you need to know and think about. These are factors that can help you decide whether you really want to dig the well yourself or hire someone to do it for you.



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Are you allowed to have a well?


There are many rules and regulations regarding home water wells. Before you start digging, you need to contact your county offices, as you may need to get what's called a domestic well permit. If you belong to a homeowners association, you should also check to see if it will allow you to dig a well.

You should find out if you need to get any building or construction permits before you buy a drilling rig. You don't want to buy water well drilling equipment and find out you cannot drill a well because of some ordinances or codes or underground wires or sewer lines, etc.

Find out before you start drilling down.



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Where's the water?


You also need to know how deep is the water table in your area. This is important because it will help answer the first question - can you drill your own water well. You should be able to find public records in your country's offices about wells that have been drilled in you area, to what depths and what results. If your county does not have these records, check out your state's geological survey.

In some areas, the water table (or groundwater level) is very near the surface, making it very easy to drill a well. For example, you might find that the water table where you live is just 20 ft. or 25 ft. below the surface of your property. However, in other areas, the water table might be a hundred feet or more below the surface.

How do you find the water table where you live? First, you can call your county extension office as it may have statistics regarding the annual water table level in your area.

Second, you may be able to find the information online, though you may have to work hard to find it. For openers, go to the website of your local water resources office or the U.S. Geological Survey Department. It has offices all over the U.S. that monitors water table levels. However, you will need to read the information you find there very carefully as it tends to be s bit convoluted.

Third, start digging. This is the most reliable way to find the water table level on your land. The drawback to this is that the water table level may be several hundred feet below the surface so unless you're actually digging the well, this may not be your best bet.


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Can you drill a well in your soil?


The second factor you need to take into consideration is the nature of your soil. If it's soft red clay, sandy soil or silt, it should be easy to drill that well. However, if you live in an area where the soil is very rocky, solid granite or hard-packed clay, you may have to hire a professional well digging outfit as drilling through that soil might require a very powerful drill rig.



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Water well drilling costs


It's also important to consider how much it will cost to drill a well. If you live in an area with soft, red clay and your water table is at 25 feet or less, you could drill that well yourself and probably spend only $200 or less. On the other hand, it you sit on rocky soil and your water table level is 150 ft. away, drilling that well is going to be on the costly side. You may need to get an estimate from a professional well drilling company in your area and then compare that cost to what you would save by having your own water supply. Once you have these numbers, you should be able to figure out how long it would be before you'd get a payback on your investment.



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Well Water Quality


The final issue you need to consider is water quality. For example, you might be able to hit water in 20' to 25' but that won't be water you could drink or give to your dog or your livestock. It's water you would use only for irrigation - to irrigate crops or sprinkle your lawn. If you want water you can drink, you will probably have to drill down into your local aquifer, which might be several hundred feet down. And you might not want to tackle the job of drilling that deep.




How to drill a water well for your bathing and drinking uses. When you want to dig a water well, you may have to dig deeper if you cannot find water less than 25 feet down. This will increase your costs as you go further down. The difference between digging a shallow water well and a deep water well can add up to a few thousand dollars. This site can help you consider these costs as you plan to dig your own water well.


How To Drill A Water Well